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The Gateway Korea Foundation provides opportunities for the Heartland Community to learn about and experience Korean culture. Based in St. Louis, Missouri, the Gateway Korea Foundation will draw from communities across the American Midwest to nurture a greater understanding and appreciation for Korean culture.


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DanO-Spring Festival

The Gateway Korea Foundation is celebrating the annual Dano-Spring Festival by hosting a lecture and panel discussion on Contemporary Korean Art by Hyonjeong Kim Han 김현정 of the San Fransisco Asian Art Museum. This year's Dano Spring Festival will survey the distinctive Korean art scene as it has developed over the past forty years. Two-day Spring Festival of Dano includes a lecture on Contemporary Korean Art- 1980's to Today: The Intersection of Art and K-pop on Friday, June 7th at the Saint Louis Art Museum and a panel discussion and the Gateway Korea Foundation programs (buffet dinner and fundraising) on Saturday, June 8th at CityPlace1. Hyonjeong Kim Han will be joined by additional experts (Wassan Al Khudhairi, Chief Curator of the Contemporary Art Museum of St. Louis and Philip Hu, Curator of Asian Art at the St. Louis Art Museum) to discuss contemporary art in Korea and around the world.