Gateway Korea Foundation

The Gateway Korea Foundation provides opportunities for the Heartland Community to learn about and experience Korean culture. Based in St. Louis, Missouri, the Gateway Korea Foundation will draw from communities across the American Midwest to nurture a greater understanding and appreciation for Korean culture.


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Chuseok - September 28, 2019

Passport to Korea - September 29, 2019

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Kent’s Korean Wanderings Blog - September 13, 2019

 About ARIRANG Song

Arirang is the name of a folk song sung by Korean people since olden times. There are many variations of the song, although the lyrics of their refrains have the words “arirang” or “arari” in common. The song was sung for many different purposes such as to reduce feelings of boredom during work, confess one’s true feelings to one’s beloved, pray to the divine being for a happy and peaceful life, and to entertain people gathered together for a celebration. One element that has helped Arirang remain in the hearts of Korean people for so many years is its form, which is designed to allow any singer to easily add their own words to express their feelings. To the average Korean this one song holds the same place in music that rice does in his food—all else is mere appendage. You hear it everywhere and at all times.

Illustrations created by Paulina Conner